If we don’t protect the Mekong River from destructive development projects, it will be too late.
-Tipakson Manpati
There's a lot of stories to tell if you scratch beyond the surface.
- Johanna Son
Through working together we can have meaningful change, one at a time, and that is the way to have a more sustainable society and a better world.
- Dr. Thanikun Chantra

Photo Essays on COVID-19 in Southeast Asia


COVID-19 in Singapore: Technology and Systematic Orderly Approaches


Photo-Essay: Ho Chi Minh City Devastated as Huge Wave of Coronavirus Hits


COVID-19 Recovery in Southeast Asia: Jakarta, Oh Jakarta!


COVID-19 Recovery in Southeast Asia: Snapshots from Metro Manila, the Philippines

COVID-19, Bangkok, and Its People: A Photo Essay by Amphon Chansirisri

Food is the focal point of ecosystem restoration. If we want to tackle climate change, we have to start from food.
- Hans and Wallapa van Willenswaard

The Wong Sikep or Sedulur Sikep Movement of Central Java’s Longue Durée in Its Paradoxical Nature


Direct Elections, Patronage and the Failure of Party Cadre-ship: Dynastic Politics in Indonesia


Should Nuclear Power Have a Future in Thailand?

Recent Publications


Kendeng Resistance to Limestone Quarrying in Java

Graphic Novel

A 7-page graphic novel on the theme of Anti-cement movement by Jatra Palepati entitled "Kendeng Resistance to Limestone Quarrying in Java" that depicts the long struggle and resistance of local community in Central Java, Indonesia to stand against a cement company on limestone mining.


Feminist Interventions and Emerging Issues in Southeast Asia in the Time of COVID-19

This is a Scoping Paper that has mapped out how COVID-19 impacted the activities and interventions of feminist movements in Southeast Asia (SEA). It aims to serve as a starting point for two audiences: those interested in gaining a broad overview of what is happening within this region and those looking to inform future strategies or discussions within the feminist movement.

Anual Report.PNG

Annual Report 2020

The year 2020 marks the beginning of an unprecedented pandemic that continues to hold us all in its grip. In many countries, the health crisis is intertwined with political, economic, environmental, and social crises. Inequality, poverty, and hunger are rising sharply. Climate change is leaving its mark all over the world. Fortunately, it has become a priority issue in Germany, Europe, and on the global agenda too.


Agrifood Atlas – Facts and figures about the corporations that control what we eat

Soil Atlas: Facts and figures about earth, land and fields

Ocean Atlas: Understanding the threats to our marine ecosystems

Coal Atlas: Facts and figures on a fossil fuel