Political Development in the Philippines

In the year of the presidential election, this web-dossier takes a closer look into the state of the Philippines. It covers Electoral Democracy, the Duterte Presidency, populism, media freedom, human rights, climate and energy, as well as disaster management.


The Philippines: Erasing History through Good Vibes and Toxic Positivity

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Ambiguously Democratic: Parties, Coalitions, and Candidates in the 2022 Philippine Elections

Typhoon Rai.png

Climate Change and Disasters in the Philippines

"A New Nightmare" by @chonggo


The Generals’ Gambit: The Military and Democratic Erosion in Duterte’s Philippines

Toledo, Cebu

Duterte Says Yes to Mining in the Philippines. But at What Cost?

Panibagong Bangungot ni @chonggo


ABS-CBN Struggles to Stay as 'Kapamilya Forever'

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With the Conviction of Maria Ressa, Filipino Journalists Are Extra Watchful


SHE-cession: Struggles of Filipinas amidst the COVID-19 Pandemic

Eroding Institutions and Exploiting Resentments: Populism in the Philippines and Southeast Asia

Human Rights Against Populism: A Progressive Response to the Politics of Duterte and Mahathir