A 2030 Roadmap for Climate Adaptation in the Coffee Bean Belt of Southeast Asia

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Abstract: Coffee is a cornerstone of Southeast Asia's economy, but it is facing brewing turmoil due to climate change. The warming temperatures and shifting weather patterns threaten coffee crops, putting the entire industry at stake. The ripple effect of this situation is undeniable, affecting small-scale cultivators to bustling coffeeshops. The need to mitigate these impacts has created varied responses across the region. While some nations have brewed up comprehensive policies, Myanmar's lack of action stands as a cautionary tale.

It is a pivotal moment requiring collective action, and national endeavors must evolve into regional and even global cooperation. Collaboration offers more than just a united front; it holds the promise of innovation exchange and shared wisdom. This paper sets the stage for Southeast Asian coffee stakeholders, advocating a shared roadmap for 2030. With climate challenges served on every cup, this roadmap could be the blend that safeguards economies, cultivators, and the future of the coffee industry.


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11 September 2023
Heinrich-Böll-Stiftung Southeast Asia Regional Office
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Introduction p. 1

The need for climate adaptation for agriculture and coffee industry   p. 4

A policy review on Southeast Asian countries’ agricultural and coffee industry adaptation plans p.6

Policy review by country p.9

            Brunei p.9                  

            Cambodia p.10          

            Indonesia p.12           

            Laos p.14                     

            Malaysia  p.15            

            Myanmar p.17           

            The Philippines p.20 

            Singapore p.23    

            Thailand p.24      

            Timor-Leste p.28

            Vietnam p.31

Ways forward: Building a Regional Roadmap 2030 p. 34

Author’s Profile p. 36