Public Guide to the Clean Air Green Paper

Interdisciplinary Research to Propose Policy-led Solutions
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This Public Guide to the Clean Air Green Paper has been developed to summarize the key
messages from the Clean Air Green Paper, digesting the content so it is more concise and accessible to the public; thereby giving the public a comprehensive view of the sources of air pollution in Thailand and how the problems can be solved in an integrated and sustainable manner.

The proposed solutions covered in the Green Paper are classified into 3 main categories:
● Group 1 – Policies and measures focused on clean air in the agricultural sector, including
forest fires and transboundary haze,
● Group 2 – Policies and measures focused on clean air in the urban environment and
transportation, and
● Group 3 – Policies and measures focused on clean air in the industrial, energy, mining,
and waste management sectors.

Also discussed are the roles of the public, private sector, banking and financial sector, and the
government in shaping these clean air policies and measures.
ISBN: 978-616-393-373-1
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1st Edition (in Thai): September 2022
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Please use the following reference to the whole report: Witsanu Attavanich, Kanongnij Sribuaiam, Weenarin Lulitanonda and Danaiphat Bhogavanija. 2022. Public Guide to the Clean Air Green Paper: Interdisciplinary Research to Propose Policy-Led Solutions. 1st Edition. Thailand Clean Air Network. ISBN: 978-616-393- 373-1, 63 pp.

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