ASEAN and The Mekong

In this web-dossier, mainly the Mekong region with Thailand, Cambodia, Myanmar, Laos, and Vietnam and the Mekong river as a regional and ASEAN issue will be explored.

The Mekong Delta of Vietnam – Hopes for the “Nine Dragons River” with Le Dinh Tuyen

At the end of the day, the Mekong River is our life, it's our love for our children, and their bright futures.
Le Dinh Tuyen, Vietnam

Living in Flux at Ban Ta Mui: Perspectives from a Mekong Border Village


The Giant Stingray: A Reminder of the Mekong’s Bounty — and the Risks It Faces


Watch! Nược Đua’, an Animation about the Endangered Irrawaddy Dolphin

If we don’t protect the Mekong River from destructive development projects, it will be too late.
-Tipakson Manpati

Mekong River Flux and Flows: Capturing the Vulnerability of the Mekong Ecosystems in Thai Communities

Mekong River Delta.jpg

Threats to the Existence of Riparian Communities of the Mekong


Cohabitation, Cooperation and Competition in the Mekong River Basin

Climate Change and the Geopolitics of the Mekong River with Dr. Carl Middleton

The Mekong-Lancang River is a trans-boundary commons, it has to be shared between different actors along the river.
Dr. Carl Middleton
Mekong River

Beyond Water Data Sharing, Mekong-Lancang River Needs Accountable Water Governance



Special Economic Zones and Land Dispossession in the Mekong Region

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Special Economic Zones and Land Dispossession in The Mekong Region

This report examines, SEZs in the Mekong region are often linked with human rights violations such as land dispossession, poor working conditions and environmental degradation. As SEZs have expanded in the region, so too have social conflicts and resistance from local residents who have fought to protect their land and resources.

Plastic pollution is plaguing the water quality of river basins in Asia, which in turn impacts the ecosystem and human health.
This graphic is from 'Plastic Atlas Asia Edtion', you can find the article on rivers here on page 28

Vietnam’s Most Vulnerable Region Copes with Climate Change

Phu Quoc

Plastic Wastes Pose Threats on Vietnam’s Environment


Sustainable Electricity Scenarios in Southern Thailand and the Lower Mekong Countries

2018 Xe Pian-Xe Namnoy Dam Disaster