Podcasts Around Southeast Asia and Beyond

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Since there are many hot topics and interesting developments in and around Southeast Asia, hbs Southeast Asia Regional Office in Bangkok created a non-exhaustive list of a few informative podcasts. They cover different topics from current affairs, including politics and environment to deeper insights into history and culture. Happy listening 🎙️🎧!

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Podcasts Around Southeast Asia and Beyond

On Southeast Asia

Podcast / Host(s)



🎧 Southeast Asia Radio

🎙️by CSIS | Center for Strategic and International Studies


Greg Poling, Elina Noor, and Simon Tran Hudes highlight the most important news from Southeast Asia and dive into candid conversations with leading voices on the region and U.S. foreign policy.


🎙️by Angela Köckritz


A team of a German and a Chinese journalist based in Berlin, – want to put the jigsaws together: shed light on the hidden stories happening outside the media spotlight while providing macro-level analysis. Present key players, show the economic and political trends in Indo-Pacific region.

🎧 Straight Talk Southeast Asia

🎙️by Dr. Bridget Welsh


In this podcast, host, political analyst and academic, Dr. Bridget Welsh covers politics, current affairs, developments and other news in Southeast Asia, all for your listening pleasure. Episodes cover the latest developments every week, so it's best to listen to the latest episode to get to know what's happening.

🎧 New Books in Southeast Asian Studies

🎙️by New Books Network


Interviews with Scholars of Southeast Asia about their new books.


🎙️by ASEAN Parliamentarians for Human Rights (APHR)


The podcast delves into some of the most important human rights developments in the region.

🎧Southeast Asia Crossroads Podcast

🎙️by Center for Southeast Asian Studies, Northern Illinois University - Eric Jones


Insightful conversations with Southeast Asian experts, writers, artists and musicians.

🎧 SSEAC Stories

🎙️by Sydney Southeast Asia Centre (the University of Sydney) -


Experts join the Sydney Southeast Asia Centre in every episode to explore the latest research and share their insights on a wide range of topics pertaining to Southeast Asia.

🎧 The Coconuts Podcast

🎙️ by Coconuts


Listen to headline news and insightful interviews on matters large and small, designed for people located in – or curious about – Southeast Asia and Hong Kong, and beyond.

🎧 Southeast Asia Dispatches 🎙️ by New Naratif


Southeast Asia Dispatches is a fortnightly podcast bringing you reports, interviews and commentary from New Naratif’s network around Southeast Asia.

🎧 Sugar Nutmeg

🎙️ by Ruth Feriningrum & Alexandra Kumala


Featuring casual conversations that unpack complex topics, the hosts talk to fellow Southeast Asians about Southeast Asia.

🎧 HERstory: Southeast Asia

🎙️ by Agas Ramirez


The history of Southeast Asia, told from her (female) perspective. Discover historical figures, matriarchal societies, and contemporary female icons.

🎧 History of Southeast Asia

🎙️ by Charles Kimball


A history of the lands between India, China and Australia.

🎧 Wear Shoes

🎙️ by thepodcastpeople.co - Fiona Mattesini


A podcast about smart women doing smart things in and for Southeast Asia. Each episode, a different woman tells their story - plus reveal their challenges and inspirations.

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Country Specific

Podcast / Host(s)



🎧 Anakut – The podcast about Cambodia’s future 

🎙️ by Southeast Asia Globe, in partnership with Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung (KAS) Cambodia


Anakut is a podcast about Cambodia, where it stands today and where it's moving into the future, with new guests each episode.

🎧 Vietnam and Boba - Spotify

🎙️ by Sen Nguyen & Giang Pham


Vietnam and Boba is a podcast that looks past the Vietnam-equals-war narrative, through the eyes of journalist Sen Nguyen and multimedia storyteller Giang Pham.

🎧 Vietnam Innovators

🎙️ by Vietcetera


Vietnam is forecasted to be one of the fastest-growing economies in Southeast Asia and the world. To understand the dynamics behind Vietnam’s miracle growth, Vietcetera meets with business leaders every week to discuss the country’s future growth prospects.

🎧 Death in Cambodia, Life in America Podcast

🎙️ by Dorothy Chow & Robert Chau


A father-daughter podcast to share an in-depth firsthand experience of life during the Khmer Rouge aka 1970's Cambodian Genocide.

🎧 Myanmar in a PodShell

🎙️ by Hans-Bernd Zöllner, Tim Schröder or Rodion Ebbighausen.


This podcast provides analysis and background information on the situation in Myanmar. In each episode, proven experts have their say to shed light on specific social, political, cultural, religious or economic aspects.

🎧 Green Pulse

🎙️ by The Straits Times


The Straits Times analyses the beat of the changing environment, from biodiversity conservation to climate change in Singapore Southeast Asia, and beyond.

🎧 Talking Indonesia

🎙️ by Dr Dave McRae, Dr Jemma Purdey, Dr Charlotte Setijadi and Dr Annisa Beta (Indonesia at Melbourne)


Extended interview each fortnight with experts on Indonesian politics, foreign policy, culture, language and more.


Going beyond (Asia / Europe)

🎧 Indo-Pacific Affairs Podcast

🎙️ by Journal of Indo-Pacific Affairs, in collaboration with Air Command and Staff College and the Consortium of Indo-Pacific Researchers


Indo-Pacific Affairs, is devoted to tackling the wicked problems facing policy makers, academicians, military leaders, and others in the Indo-Pacific region.

🎧 Asia Matters Podcast

🎙️ by Asia Matters


The Asia Matters Podcast goes beyond headlines with experts from around the globe to help explain what is shaping the region.

🎧 Musyawarah: Connecting ASEAN and Europe (Spotify)

🎙️ by European Parliament in ASEAN - Dr Frederick Kliem and Amalina Anuar



This podcast series aims to deepen the understanding of EU-ASEAN relations and their impact on politics, policies and the realities of people in Southeast Asia and Europe.


🎙️ by EU-ASIA FORA - Shada Islam


Conversations between people to display the relations between Europe and Asia.

🎧 The Diplomat - Asia Geopolitics

🎙️ by Ankit Panda - The Diplomat


A weekly discussion of the geopolitical implications of current events in the Asia-Pacific, with regular guests.

🎧 SEI Asia Podcast (Spotify)

🎧 SEI Asia Podcast (Soundcloud)

🎙️ by Charmaine Caparas, Rajesh Daniel, and Variya Plungwatana - Stockholm Environment Institute (SEI) Asia


SEI Asia's podcast series is a platform for dialogue on critical environmental challenges in Asia and how to address them.

🎧 Disrupted Asia – Navigating the global order of tomorrow 🎙️ by Friedrich Ebert Stiftung (FES) Asia


Asia's and Europe’s leading experts tackle some of the most pressing questions around the changing geopolitical environment and how this is shaping the global order of tomorrow.

🎧  Sustainable Asia

🎙️ by Sustainable Asia


Stories about Asia and the environment. A new perspective on how different countries in Asia are tackling a changing planet.

🎧 Trash Talk

🎙️ by Sustainable Asia & Marcy Trent Long


A lighthearted look at recycling in Hong Kong with. Listen to discover trash tips and tricks.

🎧 Coal + Ice

🎙️ by Asia Society - Mary Kay Magistad



Global conversations about how climate change is playing out around the world, and what we can do about it.

🎧 Asia In-Depth

🎙️ by Asia Society


The Asia In-Depth podcast brings you conversations with the world’s leading experts on politics, economics, and culture, providing incisive, illuminating coverage of stories that matter.

🎧 Crazy Smart Asia

🎙️ by Generation T


Unexpected stories behind some of Asia’s boldest disruptors. Every week a talk with a young leader about the crazy-smart approaches they’re taking to achieve success and tackle some of the biggest issues facing Asia today.

🎧 Pretty Good Podcast: Discussions on Digital Rights

🎙️ by EngageMedia


A podcast dedicated to mainstreaming digital rights in the Asia-Pacific by amplifying regional voices and linking current affairs to issues on and related to digital rights.

🎧  Rice People Podcast

🎙️ by Lei Wong Lei & Adil Abdul Halim


Talks with innovators, creators and thinkers doing some of the most interesting things in Asia. We dive into their journeys, learn how they think and uncover why they are doing what they’re doing.