Perspectives Asia #9: Two Sides of the Medals

Sports and Politics in Asia
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This issue of Perspectives Asia examines the intersections of sports and politics. We look at how, through sports, identities are shaped, myths and heroes are born, and unconventional truths are buried.

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Date of Publication
September 2020
Heinrich-Boell-Stiftung Asia Limited
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Table of contents
  • 2 Foreword
  • 4 The Tokyo Olympics: East Asian Sporting Mega-events Revisited
  • 7 The Fukushima Disaster and the Tokyo Olympcs
  • 11 Asia at the Olympics
  • 15 From the Streets to Stadiums: Extreme Sports in China - An Interview with Ding Yiyin
  • 20 Sport in Southeast Asia: More than Medals. It’s the ‘We’ Feeling
  • 24 We are the Champions
  • 30 Politics and Sports Capitalism in the Southeast Asian Games
  • 35 Coming apart at the Seams: Why Women Workers in the Cambodian Garment Industry Need a Sporting Chance at Equality
  • 40 From Mud to Mat: How Kabaddi Recaptured the Public Imagination
  • 44 Skateistan: Empowering Girls to Follow their Dreams - An Interview with Zainab Hussaini
  • 49 Shaping up Sport for all Genders - An Interview with Law Siufung