If we don’t protect the Mekong River from destructive development projects, it will be too late.
-Tipakson Manpati

Photo-Essay: Ho Chi Minh City Devastated as Huge Wave of Coronavirus Hits


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COVID-19 Recovery in Southeast Asia: Snapshots from Metro Manila, the Philippines

Food is the focal point of ecosystem restoration. If we want to tackle climate change, we have to start from food.
- Hans and Wallapa van Willenswaard

The Wong Sikep or Sedulur Sikep Movement of Central Java’s Longue Durée in Its Paradoxical Nature


Direct Elections, Patronage and the Failure of Party Cadre-ship: Dynastic Politics in Indonesia


Should Nuclear Power Have a Future in Thailand?

Recent Publications

The Beijing-led Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank


The business of the AIIB is the financing of large infrastructure projects such as power plants, dams and transport routes. Such investments are inherently associated with high environmental and social risks, as well as corruption and high levels of debt. This study provides an overview of the institution's close alignment with China and its transparency and information disclosure rules.


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