Unpacking the JET-P Pathway

On 6 and 9 February 2023, hbs Southeast Asia Regional Office and the Global Renewables Congress organized an Insight Roundtable on Just Energy Transition – Partnerships (JET-Ps). They brought together NGOs and policymakers to facilitate discussions on the potential, challenges, opportunities, and unanswered questions related to energy transition partnerships, to explore what investments and partnerships on just energy transition could or should mean for the Southeast Asian region.

Advancing Just Energy Transition in the ASEAN

This paper proposes the following recommendations to address the adverse effects of climate change in the ASEAN: decarbonising the ASEAN by accelerating decarbonisation by 2030; promoting market reforms to enable fair and open competition for energy generation; committing to no more new coal and introducing comparable support for renewable energy; and ensuring a human-centered energy transition in the ASEAN toward a community-focused, equal sharing of benefits and risks and the empowerment of community-owned energy systems.