Nhung Dinh
Independent Artist, Curator and Filmmaker

Nhung Dinh is an independent artist, curator and filmmaker working with queer communities across multiple countries and languages. Many of her projects are collective works that are rooted in her approach to participatory and relational aesthetics in which her roles as facilitator, artist, curator, and organizer are embedded and fluid. She is the founder of Bàn Lộn-Vagina Talks- a public art and education project in Hanoi, Vietnam which consists of performances, workshops, and exhibitions.

Nhung Dinh presents female and queer stories that do not fit into heteronormative ideals or conform to Nationalistic narratives of citizenship and the erasure of queer voices from mainstream history. Through this practice, Nhung raises questions about how to create a space for alternative forms of expression that need to be both present and understood.

NhungDinh is most known for her two publications of Chỉ Bàn Lộn: a lexicon of queer sexuality in Vietnam, and work related to Bãi Giữa Sông Hồng / Beach Between Red River.


dinhnhung.idsc <at> gmail.com