Luong The Huy
Lawyer, LGBTIQ rights activist, and the director of iSEE Vietnam

Luong The Huy is a Vietnamese lawyer, LGBTIQ Rights Activist and the Director of Institute for Studies of Society, Economy and Environment (iSEE), a Vietnamese NGO working for human rights and civil society movements.

Huy has joined the LGBTIQ movement since 2008, dealing with press, schools, and health centers. Since 2013, Huy has focused on research and policy advocacy at the national, regional, and international levels. His efforts have fostered important policy dialogues with the government during campaigns to amend the Law on Marriage and Family to include same-sex union rights; passed a Civil Code that recognizes transgender individuals and engaged with the governments in human rights mechanism at the United Nations.

Huy is member of various networks which promote young leadership and social activism, such as Vietname Forbes’ "30 Under 30", Atlantic Fellows, Asia Society, The Asian Network. In 2021, Huy ran for the National Assembly as an independent candidate and got his name place on the national election ballot, making him the first openly LGBTIQ official candidate of Vietnam.