“Ongoing Echos”: Myanmar-Indonesia Art Exchange 2010

ongoing echos art exchange

Between 14 and 20 July 2010, six leading contemporary artists from Indonesia and five from Myanmar, plus one Indonesian reporter came together in Yangon (Myanmar) at the Beik Thano Art Gallery for a 5-day group exhibition and a 2-day Symposium.The event was entitled “Ongoing Echos”, indicating that the art exchange was not intended to be a flash in the pan but seeking to establish long term contacts between artists in  both countries.  At the opening on 16 of July about 150 people attended, including special guests, such as the Indonesian ambassador and his wife. The artists introduced their work and had positive conversations with various invited guests – critics, reporters, owners of galleries, art lovers and local artists. The symposium was a good platform for the artists to share experiences and common issues concerning Southeast Asia’s cultural and artistic spectrum. There was a lively discussion about each artist’s specific art works.  At the end of the symposium all participants agreed to continue the exchange. The follow up, “Ongoing Echos-2” is slated for early 2011 and will take place at the Island of Bali in Indonesia.  The “Ongoing Echos” art exchange was widely covered in newspapers and online-newspapers in Myanmar and Indonesia. For further information please contact the Myanmar/Burma Program coordinator. program3[at]th.boell.org

“It was an incredible and very special event, I will miss everybody. I had a great time collaborating with different kind of artists that won’t evaporate.”  (participant from Indonesia)