Myanmar art


Strengthening Myanmar Literary Society: An Exposure Trip to Thailand

A group of Myanmar writers, poets and publishers visited Thailand in the beginning of July 2012 in order to share and learn from experiences from personalities of Thai media and literature. The one week trip, sponsored by HBF, was organized by Spirit in Education Movement with the intention to strengthen Myanmar literary society.

By Katharin Kattinger

"Third Wave 2012" Indonesia-Myanmar Art Exchange

The art exchange “Third Wave 2012 Indonesia — Myanmar,” was the highlight of the three year "Ongoing Echoes" exchange program, and the first Burmese contemporary art exhibition in Jakarta. It was held from 23 February to 1 March 2012 at the capital city of Indonesia at Cemara-6 art center

By Richard Horstmann

‘between’: art project+exhibition

In June 2011 eight artists from Myanmar/Burma and Cambodia met in Cambodia at the Meta House Phnom Penh to engage in a two-week long exchange program and workshop, followed by a group exhibition. The art project + exhibition was curated and organized by Lydia Parusol and supported by hbs.

By Rainer Einzenberger

3rd Beyond Pressure Festival of Performance Art, Yangon, 2-5 December 2010

In early December 2010 Yangon, once more, became the capital of performance art of Myanmar/Burma, when six international artists (from Thailand, Sri Lanka, India, Philippines, Vietnam and Germany) and 13 local performance artists gathered to celebrate the third issue of the Beyond Pressure Festival of Performance Art

By Rainer Einzenberger

Mekong Art Exchange Program 2010

As part of the Artist Exchange Program 2010 between 22 July and 1 August a group of artists from Myanmar/Burma visited two other countries from the Mekong Region, Vietnam and Thailand. The exchange consisted of two parts. The first part was taking place between the 23 to 25 July in Hanoi and was hosted by the Nhasan Studio. Afterwards the group paid a visit to Thailand to the Bangkok Art House Gallery at the Bangkok Art and Culture Centre (BACC)

By Rainer Einzenberger

“Ongoing Echos”: Myanmar-Indonesia Art Exchange 2010

Between 14 and 20 July 2010, six leading contemporary artists from Indonesia and five from Myanmar, plus one Indonesian reporter came together in Yangon (Myanmar) at the Beik Thano Art Gallery for a 5-day group exhibition and a 2-day Symposium.

By Rainer Einzenberger